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Fertilize or not?

It is hard to argue with your statements, which are correct at least in theory. Perhaps I will try once again to not fertilize the seedlings that I start in the house. What usually happens is the leaves turn purple on the bottom. Sign of P deficiency or that it is too cold in our house, which results in poor P uptake even if it's there in the soil. Our house IS too cold! I've no control over that. So I pour on the Miracle Gro and the purple goes away. Not the most natural solution, I agree. This would explain why my plants take 2 weeks to adjust to the garden soil even after a goodly period of hardening-off. Oh, well.

I know it's wrong, but deep down I tend to snort at folks who buy all their vegetables at the nursery, almost fully grown. 3-ft tall tomato plants with fruit on them, for heaven's sake. Cucs with blossoms! What the hey. Do they consider this to be gardening? I sure don't. It's like adopting an 18-year old.