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Great points, especially the point concerning

Confession. This brings new light on the idea of the priesthood of the believer, and the ideas of confession to elders. In the PCA, (Presbyterian Church of America) elders are elected by the people, so at least PCA holds to the same view you do. In the PCA, elders often also take the role of 'shepherding' a group within the congregation through small group leadership.

The questions and answers you posted are well phrased and informative, as well. Personally, I have found that when you go to the offended party first, (Matt. 18:15-17), it almost always will clear things up without further steps, especially if you are dealing with a mature believer. But there are issues when the sin is not against another person besides God himself, and at those times it is often helpful to have pastoral advice. Personally, I believe that a mature pastor's wife can serve in this role for women, our associate pastor's wife when we lived in another state (OK) happened to be quite gifted in this area.

Sometimes when I am praying a prayer group, God will prompt me to pray an Identificational Repentance prayer (Meaning, I am praying for a group or individuals or am standing both in the gap for them, and identifying with their position as believers who still sin) Often it is in an area of my own life where I know there is progress, but there is still sin there. Once this happened the day a missionary to Thailand was there, and I was praying concerning difficulties with submission. (and yes, My husband was there.. I cleared praying with him first, since I believe that fulfills the requirement of married ladies to have their heads covered when praying or prophesying) So the speaker actually thanked me (indirectly) for praying so honestly, and mentioned that women in his culture have the same difficulties.

Then one of the praise band member's wives thanked me directly...It was truly humbling.

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