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Comment: Adam Kokesh's Event is Bad Idea for 2nd Amendment

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Adam Kokesh's Event is Bad Idea for 2nd Amendment

Adam Kokesh's march into Washington DC with loaded firearms on the backs of the marchers is a very bad idea. It will be viewed by the media as an act of violence, even if that is not Kokesh's intention. Kokesh's intention won't make any difference to the media. The media will interpret the event to mean whatever they like - A reason to dispense with the 2nd Amendment.

Should there be any violence, it won't make any differnce who fires the first shot or threw the first punch. The media will blame whatever happens on the existence of the 2nd Amendment.

Those supporting the 2nd Amendment and wish to see it survive, should be against this march.

Certainly this march is drawing a great amount of publicity. The intentions are clear among libertarians. But the mainstream media will ignore those factors. The mainstream media will blow this event out of proportion and label it as violent revolution.

Mr. Kokesh, Please call off your march or take it to some other location than Washington DC.