Comment: Why is this videotaped?

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Why is this videotaped?

Every day across America kids are back-talking the teacher for a variety of reasons. I must ask "Why is the vid. on record?"
What's with that?
Now, he doing an interview...Why?
I am not impressed with this kids rant, it seems to be "staged" for some kind of "PUBLICITY".
If the teacher is NOT motivating the student, then go to the principal and complain...there is a chain of command.
Lately, I've noticed a TREND in society, with new "evaluation" systems for grading teachers, and also notice how in many recent videos/movies...It is the teacher's fault syndrome taking place.
Parents love it, to blame the teacher because it gets them off the hook. "Johnny it's not your fault you are a total failure, it's the teacher's fault"...He/She doesn't like you, isn't motivating you, blah, blah, blah.
Nowadays, the teachers have got to stand on their heads, do magic tricks, or something just to get Johnny to want to come to class and sit down with pencil in hand. What's with that?
Help the teacher (if you're so damn smart) and encourage your peers to "get their asses in line" and stop creating problems in the classroom. Maybe you and your "idiotic peers" have created a very hostile environment in the classroom and the teacher is burned about from this crap, it is almost summer you know.
Geez, society sure has gone down the rat-hole and is in deep doo doo when this kind of crap get on National News and Goes Viral.
What the hell does that mean...It's gone VIRAL?
Why is it VIRAL?
I say this smart ass kid needs to get his ass out of school and get a job...He looks like he hasn't worked a day in his life, except typing on his laptop from his bedroom, if you can call that work.
Is the class too easy and you are making an A, and feel unchallenged?
Is this kid that passionate about other issues?
Why is this being videotaped? So many questions before I give this guy the "Jefferson Award".