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He may have been wrong on the actual date...

but he is SPOT ON about what, when, and why the next "false flag" will happen.

Clinton, Bush (BOTH bush's), and Obama WILL answer for their war crimes if "America" prevails.

This is happening right now in Guatemala (didn't you hear?) where those responsible for the mass murders and genocide of the late 20th century (including the ussa) are being exposed in court for their culpability. We are praying for the Judge's safety.

It will happen here, too. Because we, the people will see to it. We have woken up!

What we all need to realize is that they (the puppet masters) didn't have to "stir up" the news this weekend. You've already got the "3 Cleveland girls" rescue story going on, the "jody arias is guilty" story, and the "old news" bhengazi story still developing. No need to waste what few false flags they have left in a "full" news weekend!

The false flag that emalvini speaks of is absolutely on the horizon. The ptb that rule the puppets are just waiting for a slow day.

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