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Strike a nerve there, did we...


Your words have made you transparent. People can see right through you.
This young man (NOT, a kid) is old enough to vote and die for his country.
I would thank you to remember that and show him some respect.
I am sure that is very hard for you to do. I am sorry if your children don't love you.

If you had taken the time to educate yourself rather than just going off you would know that Mr. Bliss was upset because the indoctrination instructor handed out packets without instruction. You would understand that Mr. Bliss asked for instruction because he had a thirst for a knowledge that he did not understand and the "teacher" refused to "teach". I don't blame him. I would be mad, too, for the very same reason.

He made EXTREMELY valid points. THAT is why the video went "viral". Its because he schooled the teacher AND the country.

Funny, weird how you don't/won't see that. Are YOU one of these indoctrination fools?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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