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first they politely ask you

first they politely ask you to "shut up", if you dont, then they force you to "shutup", which beggers the question, why bother asking, its an illusion of choice, force hiding behind public opinion, they want us to go on pretending its not there, lurking in the background

I got news for some folks, asking questions and expecting honest answers is not a crime nor a taboo, treating it as such only increases mistrust, and the one place we should not tolerate it, is in our representatives, the guys and girls who "run" countries, who may be called upon to run wars, a situation then, where lives are now at stake, on both sides, are we suppose to give up our right to know what our representatives are doing in our name, that a person half way across the world should hate me for something our governments deemed necessary, over something i might disagree with something i may never know about

Its just not right, and were only talking about one section of government here, theres no reasonable reason to think the hush hush mentality, is limited to only one section, not when its the same people "running" it

The undersigned