Comment: Perhaps not so much changed,

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Perhaps not so much changed,

Perhaps not so much changed, but a concept brought up i had'nt considered, but agree with, that adds a new angle to a view i already had, not to change the whole view, but something that makes me consider other branches of thought,

All opinions mean different things to different people, to some, might be profound, to others may be a statement, i think that concepts brought up that are profound to one person is something they would have come to on their own, giving time and a reason and luck, unless your lucky enough for someone to remark on that something that you still as of yet not thought up.

I have the belief, that if we all stripped away the bullshit, we would realise were all the same, in our minds and in our hearts, its the bullshit that distorts those things, i dont necessarily mean bullshit in the negative sense, but more on how it stops us from recognising ourselves in one another