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No time

The problem is that involvement in government doesn't work anymore. What we all saw when Ron ran is dirty tricks, rule changing, and physical violence to stop him winning. The only reason TPTB keep up the illusion of us peons having any effect on what the politicians do is that so many people are armed and would use those arms if they knew the truth. The true value of Ron's run was that it showed us the truth, that the people no longer have any say in the usual peaceful channels of petitions or running for office.

That's why when someone like Adam comes along and says let's *DO* something, people who realize the slavery we're in will get behind him because they want *something* to work. What Adam is proposing is no solution, because too much can go wrong, but the question remains: what can we do?

Looking at the Ghandi clip, it makes me think about the difference between what India was facing and what we are now facing. I think it might have made it easier for the Indians to organize against those of a different nationality, for starters. It was easier for them to find common ground about points of oppression. How many times here on DP do we bemoan those with neocon points of view that America can do no wrong when it comes to dealing with radical muslims, or that we should give up our freedoms to be safer from Al-Qaida. Look at all of our cultural points of division - the neocon view that government intrusion on marriage is okay if it forces the christian view of marriage on everyone vs. the liberal view that the courts should force everyone to accept same-sex marriage. The pro-life view that right to life extends from conception vs. the pro-abortion view that women and "doctors" get to make that decision. Look at our division on the right to freedom of association - "a private business should have the right to serve whom it pleases, and pay the consequences that the free-market deals it based on it's choices" vs. "the state should force businesses to serve or give jobs to black, white, woman, man, straight, homosexual, cross-dresser, transgender, christian, wiccan, muslim, etc., etc." Look at our division on the right for private citizens to bear arms vs. those who want everyone to give up guns and only let the police be armed. Look at our division on whether or not people should be forced to vaccinate, or fluoridate their water.

Ghandi was more assured that Indians could unite on points of oppression and thus be more successful at organizing resistance that would be effective because of sheer numbers.

How can we muster the numbers needed for peaceful resistance when we have so much more division among the oppressed about the points of oppression?

I think about the numbers at rallies for Ron during his campaign, and think some of the differences could be overcome if we just had more time. Time, however, is something we don't really have anymore. No time is going to force people to back something rash like what Adam is proposing.

I don't know what answer is out there that will be effective in the time allotted to us. All I know is that what Adam is proposing isn't it.

Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Mary, Our Mother, protect us under your mantle.