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Comment: Logic is great for getting to the truth, but...

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Logic is great for getting to the truth, but...

It just won't work for some people who will not leave their comfort zone. That's why you need to know all about Logical Fallacies; Not only to defend yourself in a debate but to skillfully deploy them on those who ignore truth.

I was once in a meeting where considerable time was devoted to discussion of changing the date of an event and many valid reasons were given supporting the change, then someone mentioned that the event had always been held on that particular date. A vote was taken and the date was not changed. Infuriating as it may be, that is the way people are.

The trick is to use those same type of illogical appeals in your discussions mixed in with your logical argument, which should be the foundation of your discussion. The media does this all the time by framing their discussion with straw man and ad homonym attacks.

We studied these when I was in College. Somehow I don't think they teach this anymore. I wonder why?