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Comment: I don't buy it (((((((((sharky))))))))))

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I don't buy it (((((((((sharky))))))))))

I'm listen to BS now (I am not a fan of BS, I think his "disclosure" is also MSM propeganda). I have NO doubt that like the USA, Syria has people from the USA, Turkey, and many more countries, there to support the rebels (and I think most of them are former UN seeking a NWO). I have no doubt, the UN is there in spades, and it would not surprioze me to learn that former UN workers return to Syria to help the rebels.

(Really, I can't stand BS because he leads his interveiwers to get them to say what he wants YOU to hear).

Assad is not THE problem, but he is a problem. Imagine if Romney won the past election with 97%. You think Assad is that popular? Really? (Tens of thousands dead, over a million displaced, he has no control over the rebels and he's a good leader to you?) So if Obama had this happening in the USA you would support it?

Netanyahu and Israel are not seeking to remove Assad. They agree with you that Assad is better than who they may get otherwise.

You do not KNOW for a fact who and how many Assad has murdered or displaced. My understanding is over 1 million Syrians have applied to relocate to the USA.

TEN percent of Syrians are Jewish,, BS doesn't metion them. And this whole thing,, "No one asked what your religion was... THAT SMACKS SO UN NWO... homogenization of people really sucks.

Over 70% of Syrians are Sunni.. the interveiw is sensationalism.

@11 minutes, the interveiwee says the US media is not controlled by the government. Do you agree ((((sharky))))?

The interveiwee is correct, the USA wants NO threat to Israel, and as long as the Syrian government continues to buy weapons from those who are declared enemies of Israel and the USA, the USA will continue to be more involved with Israel than most Americans and Israel's want..

I have watched Syrian girl (sexy sells) and other vids about Syria resisting the NWO, meanwhile they are openly occuped by the UN who never gets any mention.. it's all the USA and Israel fault... I don't buy that.

To be honest ((((sharky))))) I believe most conspiracy theory is designed to keep people going in loops, not to bring peace, justice, closure.. but to infect and keep wound open to spread to other issues, making things more complicated, so the adverage person feels powerless, paralyzed, paranoid and disfunctional.

I believe the rebels are genuinely rebelling Assad (and his 97% wins), and have international help by those who support democracy and freedom in the USA and Israel.

Russia isn't part of the NWO? NWO is communist.. corporate godless control over all global respourses, which includes people..

You think the NWO wants Israel to exist? I don't.