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As a homeschooler

this statement really bothers me...

"I just don't like this sense of entitlement we give everyone."

Who exactly is entitled? Home school families? I would argue that I'm just trying to get a little something out of my money. I own a home, I pay school taxes, my children should at least be able to play sports.

"I just don't look forward to a student who doesn't have to meet the same requirements academically that a normally schooled child has to plays over someone who actually helps keep that school open by providing the revenue to drive that corporation and keep it solvent."

1. I'm pretty sure most home school children could could maintain a C average, those are the academic requirements a "normally schooled child" has to meet in our school district.

2. Furthermore, the home schooled child would be providing revenue for the activity through booster clubs, fundraisers, camps, clinics, and our local schools charge extra to participate in sports.
Earlier he stated: "Most coaches pay and cost of those programs don't come from property tax funds. They come from the state and you don't get any money for students who don't come to your school."

So, where does this money from the state come from? Taxes, and I pay those taxes too.

3. Since when are public schools corporations?

4. This "educator" needs to learn how to form a coherent sentence.

"Why can't those students still play athletics at the YMCA or at donut hill or better yet put together a homeschool league or team."

Why do homeowners who don't use public schools have to pay school taxes? He doesn't want to answer that question, according to him that argument "went out the window 6 years ago".