Comment: Zionism is only one small tool of the Rotchild mafia

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Zionism is only one small tool of the Rotchild mafia

Judaism a supremist religous philisophy being exploited by the Rothschild mafia. They exploit all religions but the Jewish belief that they are chosen above all by god is usful to the Rothschild mafia and easy to exploit.

We have had a Rothschild problem for over 300 years. Zionism is only the storm troopers of the Rothschild mafia.

False debt created out of thin air. False national debt used to accuse sovereign humans of failure to pay as justification to eliminate opposition.

False debt used to justify every depravity, every immorality, multiple genocides, distruction of the planet and the living beings on the planet is what I see from this scourge.

Zionism is like terrorism just a term to mis direct those who would ask who is reponsible. A term to defer responsibility and hide those responsible.

A term bought and paid for with Rothschild funds.

In the end its about power and control. Its about slavery and always has been.