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Powerfully Armed

The following link is a competitive solution to a clear and present danger.

Before I quote from that link, and before I comment on the substance in that link I will offer my own competitive solution to a clear and present danger.

End the FED.

Do so by inventing, producing, and maintaining competitive forms of money that are legal forms of money when the term legal means that the money will be recognized as payments of taxes from an individual who decides to pay the tax to an individual who then receives the tax payment.

I choose my words carefully, because great care is needed in our times. I use the word "our" carefully. I mean to acknowledge the fact that people living today will make the future the way the future will be made by us. It is our life to make the way we make it.

Ending the FED is the most important thing we can do between now and the day we end the FED.

Ron Paul said as much, or I'll eat my hat.

We can most certainly End the FED by July 4th 2013 but it will take many more of us working to reach that goal than the number needed to peacefully march, armed, around Washington D.C.

Ending the FED is understandable as a method by which the worst criminals among us are no longer powerful, as their source of power is unplugged, as their line of credit is cut off, as if We The People join together and cut the Credit Card that exists, and is used, by those most powerful criminals among us.

Once the most powerful criminals among us find that their Credit Card has been cut, they will kill each other in their effort to seize control of the power that they have accumulated among themselves, and that can happen on another planet as far as We The People are concerned. Who knows what the most powerful criminals among us will do once they start feeding upon each other like the rats and roaches that they are, once the connection to their source of power is severed between their number and the number of people who constitute their host, like picking off a tick, or other parasite?

That goal of Ending the FED is not only the most effective way back to Liberty, the most vital first step, it is also the most productive, most peaceful, and easiest to do, with vim, and with vigor, and we don't need blue pills to inspire us into such action. Just look at how much more of the power that you earn will be yours to command instead of having your power stolen, as the thieves then use that power they stole to steal more from you. A quick look in your wallet, at the end of each pay day, and know, in fact, that you can easily double your pay rate by simply using sound money, instead of using fraudulent money, whereby the most powerful criminals among us are stealing your pay, by at least half, through the device that was once called "inflation," and is now called "Quantitative Easing". The most powerful among us, those criminals at The FED, can write themselves any amount of money on their personal check books, all legally done according to them, whenever they want, and there is no limit, and each check they write is charged to you and I, or to anyone who actually produces anything worth stealing.

Know this 1 thing, know it can be done, and know it can be done by a certain date in our future, as we will it to be done by that date.

End the FED.

End the IRS.

Like a two headed dragon, like falsehood needs violence, and like violence needs falsehood, The FED needs The IRS, and The IRS needs The FED, there is an intimate bond, and if the Credit Card of The FED is cut in half, the Creditors, The Good Faith and Credit of The American People, must consider the necessity of returning to a Democratic Federated Republic, which is a Free Market Government Design, IN LIBERTY, the same Liberty we invent, each day, by producing more of those wants and needs each day, as we may, or may not want, or need, to invest in ways to avoid being victims or criminals. The IRS is the means by which The FED Monopolizes, or gains control over, all the surplus wealth produced by anyone capable of producing anything of value. The IRS has to End, if we do not end it, another Money Monopoly will take the place of The FED, leaving the victims trapped in a Business Cycle (psycho) of perpetual war for perpetual peace, as the most powerful criminals among us keep us divided and fighting over each other blindly, without effective remedy, because we are fooled into a false belief in investing in the cause of our own misery; like attaching leaches to remedy the ailment of anemia. More leaches attached does not remedy anemia, if you can understand this analogy, the desired goal is pushed further away, and the desired goal is impossible to reach with this method.

The IRS funds Dictatorship, so that has to End, and in place of it can be State Governments where 50 odd experiments in taxation are offered to The People as a Free Market of Government, and each individual, a potential tax payer, can volunteer to go to the best State, with the highest quality government, at the lowest cost, as a Democratic Federated Republic works the way it is intended to work.

If the exact same IRS and the exact same FED is created and used in New York, for example, The People in Utah don't have to copy such idiocy, and all those who love involuntary servitude can flock, like sheep, to New York, and real men, and real women, can opt out in Utah, or Montana, or wherever Liberty does rule the day.

A true Federal Government is merely a club joined by State Governments, as they wish, or as they don't wish to pay the costs of operating, according to The People's wishes, and this is not news, this is our history in our Liberty.

Ending the IRS can be a simple matter of our numbers refusing to pay false Federal taxes, and instead we choose to pay whatever State taxes we wish to pay, and if any one of us are charged with a false crime of failing to pay a "National" tax, then we get our behinds on juries, and we acquit each one of us in turn.

Again, we must volunteer in large numbers, or our power is divided too thinly, and we fall as individuals against a false collective of lies, at the hands of a very few, very powerful, criminal gang.

Bring the Troops Home

Here is where the link at the top of the page can be commented on in greater detail, having information reported on one of the Troops at Home, a person named Adam Kokesh, doing things at home.

Who owns Washington D.C.?

Do you want to know who owns the Legal Fiction which consumes all of your earnings, or do you know from where your earnings are taken by you?

Do you not want to bite the hands that feed you, or do you know that you can no longer afford to give all of your power to the people who destroy you?

Where does the rubber meet the road when you look in the mirror?

Find the Troops, bring them Home, help them, be safe, in Liberty; start with a careful look (figuratively or literally) in the mirror.

These are, again, the times that try our souls.

I can comment further if a demand for such things are obvious and measurable.