Comment: Why wouldn't a Bolshevik want

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Why wouldn't a Bolshevik want

to know who you are, so they can make any mention of a Jew doing something wrong a racist statement, and send the NKVD (DHS) to apprehend you and throw you into the Gulag (FEMA Camp). This was the reason Trotsky aka Bronstein created the term 'rasism' during the Bolshevik Revolution. Oh, for those who reside in Texas, we now have Texas-Israel Day, and they even give praise to the ADL, who are the main formenters of the Trotskyeske 'hate crimes' laws in the US and throughout the world. Also, they claim patriots and followers of Dr Paul as 'homegrown terrorists', are a major training bed for the police state, and a major lobby to forcefully remove our guns. And, our so-called con-servatives say they are the best thing since sliced bread. Here, Martin Hill of Fight for Liberty, lays it all out from their legislation.
You can go to his site to join a protest againt the Texas-Israel Day resolution in May.