Comment: When I try to view all "recent comments"...

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When I try to view all "recent comments"...

...of myself or others, the screen comes up as if someone has put in criteria to do a search with criteria defaulted to my screen, rather than the usual list of all comments coming up.

I have not tried to search my comments with that function, let alone with the criteria that is in there, so not sure why it comes up like that.

I clicked a couple other members' names to see if it looked like that when I try to see all of their recent comments and it comes up that way on theirs as well.

Where it says "Subject or Comment", the word "contains" has been selected in the box underneath both, and the words "judy wood" are typed in under that. Where it says "Timestamp", the words "Is equal to" have been selected in that box under it, and the date and time "2013-01-01 00:00:00" have been put in under that.

So two questions:

1) Why is it coming up automatically with search criteria pre-filled to look for comments containing "judy wood" and with a timestamp selected?

2) How do I see the list like I used to be able to see of all recent comments if I'm not doing a search for specific criteria?