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Your whole argument is a

Your whole argument is a false argument. Adam is not staging a violent protest he is staging a peaceful protest and march. Your insinuation that this is a violent attack on the government is disingenuous at best purposeful false characterization at worst.

We are not winning the intellectual war freedom has steadily declined yea a few more have woken up but the vast majority have little or no clue what is going on.

Adams march will be a high water mark for government where the tide turns. No one is saying this will win back freedom in one felled swoop that is another false characterization.

This is exactly what the founders did after a long train of abuses we have suffered a longer train and then they did and tolerated more tyranny then they ever would.

I support Adam in this and all those who march with him.

Tell this guys family and the myriads like him we are making progress...

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