Comment: I live in a small rural town in Illinois.

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I live in a small rural town in Illinois.

Went to the "hardware" store (Its a sorry excuse of a hardware store, mainly containing outdated tools and supplies, possibly from 10-20 years ago, which has drum sets, kick pedals, coins, odds and ends stuff) to look into a new sliding patio door he had. Wanted $400 (it's been there for over a year.) Bartered him down to $250 but I was only looking to spend $100. Figure ill let him sweat it out and try again in a few months. ANYWAY, to my original point, he has sleeves of coins in the counter display case, a lot being pre 1964 quarters and they're all marked at $2.00 :) Not sure if they've just been there since he opened up shop and he hasn't adjusted the prices, or if he has them and doesn't follow silver prices, but I'm going in Monday to clean out his display case.