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fishy & printersguy..

this is in response to your comments and link:
i got vid titled:
"scene of chaos as bomb detonates at BM-apr 15,2013"
(got several 'wrong' videos too: close, re-click the link again)

(this video is of scene at the location of the first explosion event, near the finish line.)

first few seconds of video, the 'guy with shredded clothes, running away' is still there, walking around!
-from the '27 photos' collection

at 36s, there is a strange conversation and wild cam movement just before it cuts off:

guy 1 'what the f*k happened?
guy 2 'holy sh*t a bomb just went off..'
guy 1 'a bomb?' ..(pause) ...think its safe to be here sir?'
guy 2 'probably not...'
guy 1 'OMG, if somebody demanded (or) damaged..'
guy 2 (very loudly) 'OUCH!..GET OUT!..GET OUT!!'

question: who is the camera guy (guy 1 or 2) ?