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Interesting Information

I have never been sold on the rational that the National Association of Realtors has been using.
In part:
"Homeowners’ children were more likely to do well in school and less likely to drop out. They were more likely to be well behaved. Teenage pregnancy rates were lower, and the children of lower-income homeowners were less likely to wind up on welfare as adults than were children of similar renters."
The beginning of their report
is all about the broad numbers and statistics of home-ownership. These numbers almost never benefit individual humans, and do benefit large corporate interests, who live on broad numbers.

Also, some areas are prefaced by: "As before, it is not clear if homeownership in itself determines more civic participation or if the correlated variable of residential stability is more responsible for higher civic participation."

I suggest that these benefits are related to something else entirely, and the dynamic of rental properties (too large to sum up in a paragraph) plays a large part.

Its all about socialization, and I don't believe that there is any direct correlation between owning a home and being social.

A renter who is well adjusted, renting a place in a nice neighborhood, with social people, paying a reasonable amount, and has disposable income for a family life that is above survival, will have the same benefits that the NAR says of owning a home.

In contrast, a homeowner, paying too high a mortgage, on a house that is "underwater", living in survival only mode, will suffer far more social problems than his renter neighbor.

The tax breaks given to owning a home being cited as a benefit is part of the propaganda. Trying to pay less tax money in order to live a better life seems like a battle between the government and the human, rather than a lifestyle that should be promoted by cheap money to buy houses in order to improve the broad numbers that corporate interests live on. The pump that pushes air into the bubbles.

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