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Comment: ACT now! As in aerated

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ACT now! As in aerated

ACT now! As in aerated compost tea. Your mixture is fine. Use any decent store bought potting soil and go easy on any added fertilizer. The potting soil and your worm castings have a good amount of nutrients in them. Search for info on brewing your own compost tea. It`s super cheap and easy and your plants will absolutely thrive! It will keep harmful bugs at bay in your soil and if sprayed once a week on the leaves it will keep them off there too. 100% natural and you can`t over do it. The tea makes all the nutrients in your mix easily available at all times and keeps it "balanced". Do this one thing and success will follow. I encourage all gardeners to look into this and the KISS method meaning "keep it simple stupid"! No offense meant to anyone. lol