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Sorry for not responding to you sooner but here goes. Are the videos real? They are as real as any video of course. I think your question is, are most cops as bad as portrayed in the videos that are frequently posted here. I say no generally speaking. As far as these videos are concerned, I think that sometimes they are taken out of context and the whole story is not available that might somehow make judgment a little more difficult. I also think that some people only want to see the bad and skew it that way by cutting portions of a video or filling in the gaps of the story themselves but all that aside, there are clear and convincing videos of police officers that are just as described, criminal, disgusting, immoral and unconstitutional. Unfortunately, the whole profession mirrors our larger society in those very same categories. Our profession is supposed to be at a higher standard and perhaps, overall, it is. I certainly think it is from my lengthy experience. I couldn't even to begin to tell you countless stories of little interactions I've been involved in or have witnessed of officer's actions over the years that would bring a tear of love to the most hateful of eyes and cheer to their hearts. I've also seen police officers arrest other police officers or testify against other police officers. I've seen some videos of poor conduct used in police training to show trainees examples of how not to act and Ive seen the obvious disgust on their faces, knowing they new what they were seeing was wrong the instant they saw the videos. Some people show these videos because they believe in no government at all and therefore, no need or desire for law or enforcement of it, and the video is a tool to convince others of their case against it. I personally believe in a much more limited government with much more power in the hands of the Citizenry and I believe that the founders intended it that way. I also believe our society has gotten to where it has, far from the founders intent, simply because it has not wanted to be responsible for itself. It has slowly and more recently, quickly, turned over more responsibility to the government and the money masters to the point which we all lose in the end. As negative as that may sound, I think we will change things around before catastrophe. I hope so at least, all we can do is keep talking to each other and not castigate whole parts of society based on some bad examples. Those examples will begin disappearing the more people wake up and start speaking up. So in closing, I want to say that I am not asking for the videos to stop being shown, I want them to stop because their aren't any to show. If anyone, cop or not, is doing something that fits in the above listed categories, it should be shown. I just want people to know that no one is rolling video of the tender moments that DO exist daily. Sorry for rambling and no paragraphs, I was in a hurry.