Comment: Debate is to air opposing views.

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Debate is to air opposing views.

It is a fact that, the more a person's beliefs are challenged, the harder a person clings to them. However, debate is largely for the OBSERVERS, whose minds CAN be changed, depending upon the strengths of arguments.

However, I wish to relate an experience I had two days ago on YouTube. I defended the USAF veteran who offered her cemetery plot to the Boston Bombing suspect. The first response I received from one person (a Zionist Jew, by the way) was "You Traitor!" By the time we had discussed the issue, plus Zionism, I had gained so much of his respect, he became a subscriber to my YouTube website(!!!)

While he is still a proud Zionist Jew, I really won him over with this argument AGAINST Zionism. "Recently, Israel matched New York City's Jewish population of 6,000,000. Given that there are approximately 28.5 million Jewish people in the world, New York City and Israel house over 40% of the world's Jews. These are tiny, densely populated areas WELL WITHIN THE "KILL AREA" OF A NUCLEAR DEVICE. You are sitting ducks."

Right after that, he subscribed to my YouTube channel.