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Comment: Something off somewhere about

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Something off somewhere about

Something off somewhere about the Kokesh march.

It's not completely logical....If he was ready for violence and wanted to go toe to toe with DC thugs, it would make sense. He says, however, that he will submit when force is brought to bear.

So what the hell is the point?

"I'm gonna demonstrate that I can carry a loaded weapon where you told me not to and then get my ass kicked and thrown in jail. Gee, I showed you."

What's the statement being made? If the bully calmly smashes you, and if you give him permission to smash you at the outset, you aren't really making a stand....You're possibly making the problem worse.

He's also creating a lot of opportunities for things to go pretty wrong, get some people killed for no reason.

I don't get the impression this is thought through beyond gratifying Kokesh's ego.