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Comment: To a watching and waiting believer, it is also bizarre.

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To a watching and waiting believer, it is also bizarre.

I'm a KJV fundie, born again, etc. and this woman is insulting/clueless/fill in your own perjoritive. For the following reasons I make this comment:

1. She says we ought to repent, but doesn't not identify the sin. The capital sin is in fact turning away from the TRUTH. That thing that Jesus Christ said would set us free. That means the Truth of his Word and the truth of basic facts - 9/11 physics and the logistics of the US military during the Bengazi fiasco. A serious Christian should seek the truth theologically and here in the real world, for the two should line up in one's focused worldview.

2. God ain't got nothing to do with all this, except let man's free will, albeit seriously twisted by the Evil One , do its work. He may be removing his hand by not hitting the Elite with a massive heart attack wave or something. According to the prophecies, the falling away happens first before the man of sin / son of perdition is revealed. (2 Thes 2:3)

3. Judgement or consquences of letting 100 years of corruption go unchecked? Where does Ms. Bachmann stand on the Franklin Coverup? How does she feel about Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, avowed satanist, screwing kids at the Presidio? What about all the CIA drug running and cartel arming? What about JP Morgan setting up the whole Soviet Union through Guaranty Trust? Not to mention JFK/RFK/MLK and who knows who all got "disappeared" these many decades of bankster control. Using vague religious praddle to explain the two 9/11s is insulting in light of what is documented about the mechanism by which these things take place.

4. America is the Christian nation that has pagan symbolism and statues all over its captial. I wonder how the early church martyrs would feel about seeing all the Roman gods, zodiac signs, and that huge dick statue aka Baal stone aka Washington monument so proudly displayed. I know that God told Josiah to utterly smash those things to powder because of the dark forces they represented.

5. How's Switzerland going to work out if God's "judgement" gets too hot to handle? Ya'll remember that Michelle got her papers in order a few months ago for dual citizenship. That really burns my grits for a sitting Congressperson to have dual citizenship, but anyway...