Comment: Kennedy Did Believe In Conspiracy - Full Speech Supports This

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Kennedy Did Believe In Conspiracy - Full Speech Supports This

It is true that Kennedy’s speech to the press has been edited and mainly circulated in that form to suggest he was talking about a particular group of conspirators, for example the illuminati. This has had the unfortunate effect of granting anti-conspiracy folks a way to arguably discredit conspiracy theorists who advance theories around more recent players and events involving the “powers that be,” as many call them.
But it is not actually provided, on logic, that conspiracy debunkers should use the “whole speech context” principle to claim Kennedy did not believe in a conspiracy. He clearly states that he does. He makes a compelling and eloquent case for a conspiracy. However, the scheme he believed in was the conspiracy/threat of communism. It seems to me not inappropriate for a person who believes there is a comparable conspiracy/threat from within our own government now, to point to Kennedy as an individual who was not mocked for believing in a conspiracy that threatened Americans. Although we would want to make sure we do not claim that his conspiracy belief was the exact same as the one(s) one would advance today, necessarily. I don’t think folks who cite Kennedy as a credible figure who believed in a conspiracy are much concerned with the press freedom issue raised in the speech. So that is a bit of a secondary matter of accuracy in looking at the entire 19 minutes. So really – listening to the entire speech still leaves Kennedy as a man who believed in a powerful conspiracy and argued it publicly. For people who are inclined to believe in conspiracies, he can still be cited, albeit with a qualifier. My opinion, FWIW.