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Comment: ^^^ BUMP for this comment.

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^^^ BUMP for this comment.

^^^ BUMP for this comment.

What about all the CIA drug running and cartel arming? What about JP Morgan setting up the whole Soviet Union through Guaranty Trust? Not to mention JFK/RFK/MLK and who knows who all got "disappeared" these many decades of bankster control. Using vague religious praddle to explain the two 9/11s is insulting in light of what is documented about the mechanism by which these things take place [...] How's Switzerland going to work out if God's "judgement" gets too hot to handle? Ya'll remember that Michelle got her papers in order a few months ago for dual citizenship. That really burns my grits for a sitting Congressperson to have dual citizenship, but anyway...

BAM ! Couldn't have put it better.

Next topic, please.

Thanks, and you're welcome.

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