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Uh ok

a particular individual's notes on the eight clause of the seventh article of the first draft of the Constitution?

That has some relevance, but that relevance is very small to any point other than a study of what his frame of mind was at that particular time. I undestand you believe you are an expert on that particular piece of minutia. Given the level of faux sov citizen crap here, I seriously doubt it, but even if you are, I'm not going to either "pretend" to know that (because who would) or go research it. I have better things to do with my time.

Any while you may claim to have read "all of Bancroft's treatise" I'll instead satisfy myself with having studied things that actually became law, not the color of shirt that ben franklin was wearing on a certain day, or the favorite breakfast food of George Washington, or any other peripherally obscure thing you are blathering about.

If you can't summarize your point, with citation to something remotely relevant, your point is also not remotely relevant.

If on the other hand, you like to haul out obscure references that no one knows anything about, and claim supreme knowledge of them, then you are doing the very thing that you sov cit nutburgers accuse lawyers of doing. In closing, you may find a good Constitutional Law hornbook fascinating and perhaps a gateway to the real world.

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