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Hi Skippy

I feel your pain, but you are doing what we all must do. Care for our parents as they cared for us, help them journey out of the wold as they helped us into it. I also cared for my mom when she died of cancer last year. The night before she died, I slept on the bed with her, and I was so so tired when I gave her the morphine. Screw me for saying so, but I was never sure if I did her dose right, I was just so tired. She died half an hour later. It was her time, and if I helped it along by supplying a little too much morphine then all the better. I was exhausted and couldn't see the dosage. Anyway, she died in front of me and it was a blessing, for her.
I am so sorry about your daughter. If you have more info about her condition, maybe we could all help??
And Skippy, there is no harm in venting. You are under enormous stress. Bless you, and please understand we all wish you well and are keeping you in our thoughts.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut