Comment: I have a friend whose sister died of MRSA

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I have a friend whose sister died of MRSA

She was in the hospital for cancer, but it was the MRSA that got her. Antibiotics didn't help her, and got the "you're basically screwed" treatment. They have no more bullets in their gun after they give all the antibiotics that are becoming ineffective.

I used to take Cipro for constant UTIs, but the last time, I could tell that I was getting "floxed". I read the label, and it scared the crud out of me. I keep a stash of Macrobid around that I'm supposed to be taking once a week, but I don't because I don't want to tear my gut up. I should probably be taking garlic instead - I did stave off an infection a couple of days eating minced garlic (I didn't have any capsules around. )

But yeah, once the doctors run out of their "approved" treatments, they will shrug their shoulders. Forget the image of the doctor feverishly working to cure you - the money is in the medicine, not the cure.