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Comment: Good for him

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Good for him

I had a scuffle with a Junior year english teacher which allowed me to graduate as a junior @ 16. I made a somewhat rude but honest assessment of her skills as an english teacher when several other students were present and she flunked me. Luckily I kept every document and was able to show I had an A-, and magically graduated that year.

The responsibility IMO bears on both the student and teacher.

My English skills are nowhere near where they were then, but as advice to any HS student here, keep every single piece of work. You might even need something 20 or 30 years from now. Remember the NAP and stick with it.

That kid might magically graduate as a sophomore now due to the negative press.

I hope he makes a good life for himself. Glad he's a Ron Paul fan.

edit: I wrote glade, hehe...