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Yeah, the good old trick

Yeah, likewise, I have often heard from crass ignorant silver spoon-fed pseudo-intellectuals calling me racist because I'd call b.s. their lessoning on the monopoly of past martyrdom by black people or jews or whatever... to pseudo-justify their forceful theories of better organizing society... the socialist way, of course, liberty OUT.

Never mind my father is black and the most racist people I've seen or heard from through their actions and attitudes - which always speak louder than words - in the early struggling years of my parents, were precisely more often than not of the liberal or socialist camps.

HYPOCRITES, losers, freaking LIARS.

Truth is there's no scale or ranking of martyrdom. Martyrs have only been so because of the plunder by the power hungry statists, for whatever form that unjust, brutal, inhumane "state" can take in its status quo, economically, legally, and politically.

The modern plunder and status quo of our time is all about those who spend more time voting for and taking from the state, to justify always more stealing from the shrinking working people.

But hey, the race card is still oh so convenient to be played with these days for more smoke and mirrors, isn't it?

They call you anti-semitic because you dare to question the Nanny, protective US for the preferred "state of Israhell" instead of caring for its own American people's liberty, justice, and peace?

Call them : LOSERS.

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