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real cheese

is real good

I quit eating american cheese.

I only eat "queso fresco"

So I guess american cheese is not so fresco. I'm pretty sure mexican cheese is real...

Only time in France I was drunk most of the time due to the good cheap wine. 2 buck chuck there is as good as $40 bottles from napa. The cheese is great aside from the fact I ate some and passed out every night and have no recollection of the taste.

Although I do recollect going to a cathouse a few door down or next door from moulin rouge on pigalle and they said they would give me a beer and a show for 5 euro, except they gave me soda instead. I thought it was just a strip club. Boy was I wrong. Which lead to a funny taste in my mouth (soda).

The price quoted was way too high, in fact was all of my FRN equivalents. So I had to pass. I think it was 400 EU at the time. Pigalle is an interesting street though. I wish I had brought more FRN's for clothes and shoes as they were dirt cheap.

Edit: I also wish I had bought 100 cigars as well..