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Somewhat Disagree

As crazy as this sounds, I think Bill Maher actually believes what he's saying. He definitely has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and the fact that he's made millions by trusting in his own viewpoints (via stand-up comedy along w/ this show) probably reinforces the belief he has in himself. Add to that the fact that he donated $1 million to Obama, he's probably going to cling to his viewpoints even more tightly (regardless of how rational the counter-argument). I think Maher is intelligent but even intelligent people can have it all backwards (and he certainly does).

I find it interesting you included Jon Stewart on your list of "TV clowns" because IMO, he's one of the few people in the media who has been very open-minded about Ron Paul. Yes, he needs to do more research (him confusing the deficit with the national debt in his debate w/ O'Reilly is what tells me that). However, JS is certainly more than intelligent enough to learn and I have a hunch that he's legitimate (in other words, not a media shill). I actually have a good deal of admiration for Jon Stewart and I hope he follows-up on the things Ron Paul talks about. JS could end up being a very big ally for the liberty movement if everything breaks right.

As for O'Reilly and Chris Matthews, I fully agree w/ you. Those 2 guys are full-on shills who absolutely use their little tricks and tactics.