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Comment: Why suck wealth from nations?

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Why suck wealth from nations?

When the Rothschild zio mafia controls the counterfit digital central banks of every nation. So I say the usury goes far far beyond sucking wealth.

I say the zio bank like base as you put it is not just to suck wealth from nations. I say they have most all the wealth already as evidence by the global corporations they own bought with counterfit money.

I say its about shouting claims of debt by puppet installed governments as justification to cull the debt slave heard.
You force the slave into a position that requires them either to commit cowardly submission to immoral theft or they are identified as opposition or rebelious slaves killed tortured and put into slave work camps, called corporate prison. Rebelous slaves idnetified eliminated and tortured as an example for other debt slaves to observe. Its about eliminating any rebelion.

I appreciate that others see through the fog of lies to the filth of the usury. But even worse is the claims of national debt derived from digital counterfit keyboard creation of fiat money.

So in conclusion, No is still my final answer. My american dream is to not use Rothschild Debt Slave curency and avoid any goods or services from the Rotenchild mafia and their minions.