Comment: Jon, I am going to try to clear this up.

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Jon, I am going to try to clear this up.

First, you have to be willing to hear what I say. Can you get there? If not now, don't read this until you can.
I am not "moving goal posts" I am sorting this out in my own head. It took me YEARS to realize that the real question to ask about 9-11 is about the clean up on 9-12. It was a felony. For me, the proof of the power of this question has been in putting it to a couple firemen who were totally accepting the official story.
With Boston, others asked about Bauman's injuries. I have given the BEST INFORMATION I could find, as I found it. I began with my clearly labelled OPINION: That at the very least, he should have been passed out from blood loss, basically. My opinion is not without merit, I had EMT training and a Medical Assisting degree, I was taught how to treat femoral bleeds and it invo9lved tourniquets and lightning speed. You do not expect a person to survive. When my husband, an RN and paramedic for years, told me there is a way to cut an artery that sends it into spasm, I posted that, along with his credentials. The point I have tried to make is that it is a reasonable question. Any medical professional who is being honest will tell you that a bilateral femoral artery bleed is likely to involve LOTS of blood and a dead person. The images of him being wheeled around, pink, conscious, no tourniquets - it defies my medical knowledge. The fact that an orthopedic surgeon with 35 years experience says the same thing is presented as evidence that the question is reasonable.
Next, I get lambasted for links I never saw. Just because something goes up does not mean I see it. Many days, I walk away and leave the DP running, just because it says I am here does not mean I am really HERE, at that moment. I do not fish through old threads, I read the active posts, and reply to direct comments, best I can. I often get busy and miss links I fully intended to click. It is spring on the farm, my life is more than hectic.
When I point out that a photo of Jeff in jeans is not really proof, it is not because I "believe" one thing or another, it is simply a fact. For folks who get in such a twist about calling things proof, that is simply not proof. Sorry.
As questions have come up, people have given highly emotional reactions on both sides. Best I can, I have been sifting through the flame wars to find the "kernel. "The "9-12" of this, if you will. I got there a day or two ago, and have tried to focus on that question like a laser since then. No one can answer this, and it should be verifiable. Either the coach can be shown to have made it up, or more witnesses can be found.
I have been an emotional wreck myself, I do not like being accused of some of the nasty things that I've been accused of, and this day is one of my least favorites of the year, I've been on a knife's edge all week. But even if I were totally on top of my game, it would take me a while to get through all the "noise" to get to the heart of this.
I don't know you at all, I don't really know Nystrom. Nystrom is like a brother to me, though. As much as you want to follow his orders or whatever you are trying to do, I want him to know the truth. I certainly do not wish to be defiant, I have tried very hard to NOT claim "this is fake" or "that is proof." But there are really good questions that really need asked. I think Nystrom was traumatized, and I suspect the entire city was exposed to some sort of psy-op weapon. They have them, you think they don't use them? I have not really focused on that issue, it is "my theory" and I can not imagine any way of proving or disproving it, so a theory it remains. In Boston, there are legitimate questions. It is not a matter of "believing" Bauman or the old lady were injured, it is finding out whether or not there was a drill. If there was a drill, there were almost certainly actors. If there were actors, then we can perhaps consider trying to determine who was and was not injured. Frankly, that is a minor detail to me. If they are continuing the pattern of having "drills" and "attacks" at the same time and place, THAT is the truth that needs exposed.
Now, whether I know you or not, or whether I like you or you like me, or whatever we may disagree on - can we agree that knowing the truth is what Nystrom, the Nystrom we both love, would want?
4Peace, 4Love, 4Truth.

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