Comment: No question. I would let him sleep

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No question. I would let him sleep

He is old enough to be responsible for the decisions he makes. Whatever consequences he would end up suffering for ditching the track team is the "punishment".

I never used physical punishment raising my daughter but looking back had I know what I know now, I probably would have not even handed out much in the way of arbitrary "parental" penalites when she did things I didn't like. After around age 12 or 13, its becoming clear to me that the natural law is the best way to handle MOST situtations where "rules" or "standards" are broken. Children should face the consequences of their choices...and learn from them. My daughter is 23 now and I continue to offer her "The wisdom of my years" (lol) but its her choice whether she chooses to accept my advice or decides some other method will work out better for her.

Letting people be free to choose and allowing them to make decisions and very educational and liberating. MUCH less anger and frustration between loved ones too.

Always be ready with a helping hand for someone you care about...IF THEY ARE RECEPTIVE...otherwise, live and let live.

Also have teenagers...