Comment: Well, here is my opinion.

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Well, here is my opinion.

If people choose to trash me personally for it, I remind them that this is my opinion, and opinions were asked for.
This looks like a possible red flag of some sort of problem. Children who suddenly and mysteriously "loose interest" in something they have devoted a LOT of energy to are usually hiding something, often sexual misconduct by an authority figure. In sports, threats of hazing are common, too. I would suggest it is possible that this boy was avoiding some threatening situation, and that letting him follow his instincts is critically important. Now the hard part, taking time out of our busy day to listen to the boy and help him dig down and find the answers and express it. Letting him off at "too tired" is fine in the moment, but once the meet is over and whatever "threat" he felt has passed, it is time to find out what made him so "tired."

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: