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^^^I agree 100%^^^

Natural consequences are the best teachers. For example, my children participate in Scouts and they got lazy about making the meetings. (They would go 3 weeks and then take week off.) I would just let them, no fighting, just okay if that's what you think is best. Well, they showed up after missing a week and found out all their friends had moved up in rank and had been assigned to a different patrol. They were heartbroken but they learned the hard way not to miss meetings. After the meeting they explained to me what had happened (they were embarrassed)and asked for my help, so I offered my advice. Go talk to your Scoutmaster and find out what you can to do to get caught up with your patrol. They tried to get me to talk to him for them but I gave them two choices. Either man up, talk to him yourself and work something out or accept being in the crappy patrol. In the end, they worked hard, got caught up and learned more from their consequences than they would've if I had forced them to go.