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Thank you. I truly appreciate the sentiment, this day is so bitter for me it is hard to describe.
My mother has been dead quite a while now, I still miss her and love her. Her birthday is in a couple days, so this was always a BIG celebration in my family.
My children believe having a mother is a great burden, they will not wish me happiness on any day. I hate this day, and will feel ever so much better tomorrow, when all the "Happy Mother's Day" stuff goes away.
I wrote myself a poem this morning, it is pretty dark, but it actually is helping me laugh my way through this. I was not going to post it here at all, but what the hell.
Here's to the women with men in their bed,
Making babies who grow up, and wish they were dead.
They try to make children grow upright and strong,
But whatever they do, they do it all wrong.
Still without them, our species would be out of luck.
So here's to bad mothers, at least they're someone to fuck.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.