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Comment: I was not impressed

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I was not impressed

I went to the CA Spring convention where the RLC had Raimondo give a simular speach, HISTORY of the LP.

Not only was it BORING, but slanted, and I think for some of us who spent years in the LP (76- 93 for me), the LP became controlled oppression in the name of liberty. That's what I see with you.

It bothered me tremendously to see my LP peers, who worked hard, get SOLD OUT by the LP to the GOP, election after election, and that includes Ron Paul's 6 months.

In CA, all the prep work by the RLC attracted a wide audience.. the room filled with people interested.. and as Raimondo droned on, they started leaving, and then as RLC members got up to make speaches (that could have been taken from posts here on DP) I watched the room empty.. GOP walked away unimpressed at best, and discusted.

Here in CA, where globalization has HURT so many, the idea that someone from another country is going to tell us what our history is, and advise us to what direction we should take SMACKS HARD of GLOBALIZATION in your face.

For me, a former LP member, it's just more of the same.. speakers who we can not vote for.. controlled opression.

Now, if I was not a former LP member, had not joined the GOP to help RP win the nomination, and remained in the GOP to help Rand, really didn't care too much about politics.. I would have thought of you as being cute, charming, funny, intelligent and entertaining.

I do think that you are cute, charming, funny, intelligent and entertaining. I also think that it's a mistake for the RLC to not be finding and promoting American REPUBLICANS for leadership roles.

RLC has a HUGE job if they expect to actually take on the ptb in the GOP.. Catering to Libertarians (who are not attending GOP conventions as GOP delegates) is NOT the solution at a GOP convention, and I really don't understand the RLC's agenda at this point.

Liberty without legs to liberate is also hollow.

LOVE, The Granger