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Ok, I'll share a personal

Ok, I'll share a personal anecdote about my second year of college.

I used to play a lot of sports, play in two bands and was involved in a lot of activities. As I went to second year I began to grow very lethargic and even stopped stepping out of my flat except for college sitting home on the internet or watching movies moat of the time.

Even my attendance numbers went down and by the end of the semester I had to beg my teachers for extra classes so I could make up the minimum percentage.

My grades which had been stellar ever since I could remember fell off a cliff. I had spent two years in a boarding school before college so it was not the additional freedom either.

This lasted into the holidays when I went back home. I spoke to my mum who is a doctor about this strange 'wall of fatigue' that I seemed to run into when I needed to do something.

She withdrew some blood from me early the next morning before breakfast and sent it for analysis. The results said that my thyroid numbers were down which was confirmed by subsequent tests and family history. I went on the medication and though next semester was difficult, my life slowly returned to normal.

If this behaviour is VERY uncharacteristic of him, you might advice your friend to get her son's bloodwork done.

My changed behaviour was over more than 6 months though so do this if you see a continued trend.