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Comment: Being raised in a small town..

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Being raised in a small town..

We had three choices: Baptist, Catholic and Lutheran. We attended the Lutheran Church, but my dad had some real beefs with certain doctrines. He would listen to Billy Graham, and even some of the Charismatic/Word of Faith types as well. Fast forward a few years.. Moved to Tulsa, at Victory Christian Center,(no hymns, all praise choruses) learned about the depths of the heresy behind the WOF movement. (Word of Faith) We are now joint attending a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church and a PCA Church. (We were also attending a Messianic Congregation...but that is a longer story)

I had actually seen some progress on this issue, and oddly enough, was not content with the progress due to a major flare up of 'old nature' that week. Funny God decided it would be fun to find a creative way to encourage me, On top of that, we went to the PCA Church that Sunday, as well as the Messianic Congregation on Sabbath (which was where I prayed), and the Pastor spoke on 'Identificational Repentance', which was something I learned about from, of all people, James Rutz. (The writer of two delightful books, if you can get past a couple of 'smart remarks' about thinkers. the Open Church, and Megashift.)

I personally think that both men and women need both someone to disciple and someone to disciple them. Having children makes the first part easy, but without a small group connection, the second part can be exceedingly difficult, even if you attend church every Sunday. (It is easier with a Messianic congregation in some ways, because they often either have prayer and a meal afterward, some do this every week,or open prayer before the service.)

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