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Tories were pro-British. Nobody here is saying resistance isn't in order.

People are doubtful about the wisdom of and motives behind this particular action.

Have armed Americans show up as if prepared for actual combat, and then get their asses kicked in public, or just be threatened and then turn away as if they didn't mean it?

Best case scenario, you get a bunch of people killed who become martyrs and touch off a general resistance that eventually prevails. That's a long shot for a lot of reasons,and it's pretty crass toward the people who get killed.

More likely you get a PR disaster and a massive net loss for the liberty movement because the goal/statement is undefined and DC spin doctors can make whatever they want out of the chaos created.

It's very dramatic, having loaded guns and all, but goal-wise it's completely open-ended, beyond the obvious goal of putting Kokesh dead center in a media shitstorm.