Comment: Take your own advice, maybe?

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Take your own advice, maybe?

If David Duke says 2+2=4, is it wrong because it came from David Duke's mouth? Just because he says it, doesn't make it wrong or racist. Is he a bigot? Sure is, but I'm not going to ignore everything he says just because I disagree with some of his views.

This is exactly what I was getting at before; Louis Farrakhan gets a pass on the DP, yet is even more openly bigoted than Duke. Maybe Farrakhan doesn't get a pass from you personally, but generally speaking that seems to be the case.

The main reason for that is because Duke is White and Farrakhan is Black, and I just find it a bit funny how (mostly white) libertarians are so afraid of what they'd look like agreeing with a white bigot, yet embrace a black bigot who has the same rhetoric.

It seems to boil down to
Accepting Farrakhan = seeking truth, open minded, etc.

I'm pretty neutral on both, but this is something I've noticed from day one here, and I think it's both funny and sad.

(Also, weren't you the person who called someone 'racist' merely for pointing out that someone was black? How is describing someone based on their most obvious physical feature 'racist'?)

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