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sure man

you sovereign citizen frauds claim victory all the time, even when you go to jail. I'm not surprised that you claim it here. I'm not debating these things with you, so I fail to see how you could have won.

A typical debate with a sovereign citizen starts with them proclaiming the law is something that it isn't, and insisting that all kinds of ineffective meritless mumbo jumbo works in court. If you explain why that isn't so, they then will accuse you of supporting every flaw they perceive in the system. It isn't a debate, but an exercise to stave off their boredom; it acheives nothing and they don't even know what they are debating.

But I am fairly certain I didn't miss much. I didn't read your post, beyond where You call Me a fraud because I've actually got a legal education, which strangely came right after you used the phrase "black is white". Yep. I'm pretty sure that in your eyes because I have practiced law that makes me inexperienced and unqualified, and because you haen't, that makes you the supreme expert on what happens in court. I've had too much word salad already today. Tootles!

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein