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he replied;

..."but I am good for it!, unlike YOU"....

So I responded; " I said the same thing while making upper $30k at 84 Lumber in Ann Arbor Michigan .... You have zero SURETY to make good on that note; at least no better than I had when I signed mine. Don't fool yourself. And again, (conservatives who "get it") will blame the BANK who gives you loan, and the dumbass Congress who pledges to back their risky investment in you, in this collapsing economy; that can ONLY be characterized as uncertain and unsustainable WITHOUT QE after QE after QE after QE. Gas prices alone are up damn near 50% in since Ron Paul threw his hat in the 2008 race for POTUS; your wages haven't risen even 1/10th of that(based partly on your attendance and punctuation record), and there's 100% certainly they won't keep pace with inflation during the term of your call it what it is...a RENTAL from the holder of the NOTE!"

[I hope my anecdotal stories from my REAL LIFE are beneficial to the cause, if not but FRUIT of what Ron Paul set out to accomplish]....consider it my selfless contribution!

"the pens of American Patriots, in favor of Liberty.....must NEVER be forgotten"