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Thank You

I realized that my mom was very alone about a year ago...She is 74. Now, her and I go out to Garage Sales every Friday. She spends hours on Craigslist on Thursday night writing them all down...she looks so forward to it all week...and it is so fun. Today, I am going to take her to lunch and then we are going to the Portland Timbers mothers day game (Soccer). We have had our fallout's for years, and my sister won't talk to her....that is another story... Time is short here...and these people will be gone. Spend time with them. Include them in your everyday fun. Happy mothers day.
One more thing that is hilarious. When we go to a garage sale and it is horrible, my mom will keep apologizing like it is "Her Fault". That the sale was bad. Talk about comedy.....I keep telling her...why are you apologizing? She says "I just don't want to waste our time, because these days go by so fast.".