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OK let's look at the

OK let's look at the facts:
a. Syria is the one being attacked not Israel.
b. I do not care who occupies the temple mount - Israel is fine and Isrealis are very fine people in general.
c. The question here is Syria being attacked. Why?? What is the purpose of using depleted Uranium on Syria? What is the reason of supporting Al-qaeda against Syria?
d. There are a lot of Christians/Orthodox/Catholics in Syria. Catholic and Orthodox religions are very similar. In fact, the Orthodox patriarch went to Pope Francis's confirmation. I do not know why you cannot sympathize with these people that are under siege; the situation is really bad for them.
e. Many, many people in Israel are for peace as in every other country. So not supporting the 'Bushes/Obamas' in Israel does not mean not supporting Israel.