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Comment: Your "EFFORTS"??!!

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Your "EFFORTS"??!!

You vote for ROMNEY and view yourself as some kind of power brokering
back room strategist for falling in line behind the Neocon agenda?? Nooooo, sorry, that is not any kind of "effort" (snort) that I would EVER "appreciate"!
You sign an oath to be "loyal" to a lying, flip flopping tool of the globalist cabal (who pulled evry dirty trick in the book to destroy a truly good AND principled man) and you think that makes you PRINCIPLED???!! Uh, no, it does not. It makes you a toady to the tyrants.
Guess what? It is not MY job, NOR YOURS, to "envision the future" of OTHER PEOPLE and take on the noble "white mans burden" of running their lives.
And that is what you state worshipping Neocons do not understand. You cannot grasp the need that people have for liberty, not more power grasping pols to "envision the future". You FEAR liberty. And PLEASE support your LIE that I "lust for power" and "getting my way", etc. On what do you base this lie?